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Why SwissWinner?

With 45% of all golfshots the putter is the most important golfclub in bag.Most players, however, do not realize how inappropriate Putter (false Lie, Length, Loft, Grip …) can influence score.
With your custom-made SWISSWINNER Putter, you get the best possible set up to achieve constant results.

Read here what makes our Putter so unique and be yourself at a High Performance Putter!

Golf is dynamic. Changes of course and weather conditions require the player constant adjustments, its technology and its material. The various setting options of SWISS WINNER putter allow it to be optimally adapted to the conditions and always grow with the development of the player.


01_Loft_SWThe Loft is typically 3 °. During the swing changes the loft, depending on the position of the hands at impact and the swing path. Swiss Winner is playing stroke plates with different Loft available to help you ball as early as possible and with top-spin rolls.
The Loft is not changeable with most manufacturers. False Loft launches the ball with a flight phase and unwanted Back-spin. This complicates the length and direction control of putts.


02_Schlagflaeche_SWWith a minimum of effort you can vary hard stroke plates assemble. So you can access the various ball speeds and find your individual favorite stroke plate for the best „touch“ at impact.
In most putter stroke plates are fixed. A replacement and thus adapt to changing conditions is not possible.


03_SweetPoint_SWThe larger than average area of the sweet spot of 15 sqcm also allows for off‐center hits nearly equal energy transfer on the ball this means a large fault‐tolerance.
03_SweetPoint_MBRequires the small‐area sweet spot of a few sqcm an accurate meeting of the ball in the «height» and «width». Especially on long putts, this is difficult.


04_Hohe_Schagflaeche_SWThe height of the target surface is 32 mm, to avoid strikes with the upper edge or the frame. Therefore you always hit the center for optimal distance control.
04_Hohe_Schagfläche_MBMeasurements have shown that 80% of all long putts hit with the upper hard steel edge, than the soft insert. Start this way made putts with an undesirable phase of flight and neither controlled in length nor in direction.


05_Breite_Schagflaeche_SWThe additional weights on the edges enlarge the Sweet-Spot in width on an area of more than 50 mm. Laboratory measurements show nearly identical length values, whether in the middle or hit outside the center.
05_Breite_Schagflaeche_MBThe average width of the sweet spot is about 20 mm. For longer putts the off-center hits increase. This results due to the construction of conventional normal Putter heads for loss of length.


06_Puttergewicht_SWBy the use of the cartridge, the weight of the putter head be adjusted from easy to medium to hard. On slow greens can be, for example, by more head weight respond.
06_Puttergewicht_MBIn most putters it is not possible, deciding make changes in weight. In different Green speeds must be the player with his movement react.


07_Massenträgheit_SWThrough computer optimized design has the putter head a high degree of inertia, thereby the movement steady and controlled.
07_Massenträgheit_MBConventional putters are usually very light. This requires on longer putts the use of the wrists. This can lead to directions and length problems.


08_Ziel-Linie_SWThe long target line ensures a clear look and helps to adjust to the destination. Especially with short putts so increases the number of hits.
08_Ziel-Linie_MBConventional putter usually have very short target lines, the alignment on the goal little favor.


09_Ziellinie_SWThe Swiss Winner putters feature interchangeable target plates, the can be replaced in seconds. Thereby can be tested on what shape and color the eye on best responds.
09_Ziellinie_MBMost manufacturers are found not interchangeable Target optics.


10_Schaftmaterial_SWThe materials of the shafts have a major impact to sense when putting. In our standard range you obtain shafts made of steel, aluminum‐titanium and carbon (white, red, blue, black and gold).
10_Schaftmaterial_MBAlmost all providers of putter may, for technical reasons only supply steel shafts.


11_Schaftwechselsystem_SWDeveloped by Swiss Winner shaft change system allows a quick change of the shaft and the grip. This system allows the Fitting their optimum putter consisting of grip strength, lie angle, shaft length and Shaft material to be determined.
11_Schaftwechselsystem_MBIn the market there are no other providers that from change of shafts allow. If a putter adjusted, this is one chicken with the manufacturer and associated with long waiting times.


12_Schaftlaenge_SWThe shaft length has a major influence on successful putting. We provide short term all lengths from short shaft to Broomstick, with optional transport separation.
12_Schaftlaenge_MBExperts agree: Most putters are too long. Many manufacturers supply only a few lengths. Special lengths are long delivery times and a limited right of return connected.


13_Lie_SWThe lie-angle describes the angle of the shaft to the bottom of putter when it is horizontal to the ground. This is extremely important for the position of the hands, for the attitude and position of the eyes. Our foot shaft is made of special material. With a simple tool can be easily adjusted the lie angle.
The lie is with most manufacturers, or only for a few Degrees of adjustment. Most you have the putter to send to the manufacturer.


14_Standartschäft_Offset_SWIn the standard shafts, the shaft is exactly perpendicular installed to putter head and allows unlimited view of the face plate (target area). The offset shafts have against the impact plate a shifted shaft axis and force the hands to the ball striking plate is not visible in their entirety.
14_Standartschäft_Offset_MBWith most manufacturers can only be found putter with offset or without offset. Thus, it is not possible for the Players offer most appropriate technology.


15_Standartschäfte_SWSwiss Winner putters are heel-shaft (standard) or centershaft available. The center-shaft is particularly suitable for players with a strong arm rotation to reduce pull and push.
15_Standartschäfte_MBMost manufacturers offer either putter with heel-shaft or with center of society. This allows the player is not possible to use these two technologies to compare and make the best choice for him.


16_Griffe_SWThe putter grips, particularly the thickness and the material of the grips, have a major impact on successful putting and can be tested immediately on the shaft change system.
16_Griffe_MBUsually only company-specific grips are available.


17_Farben_SWThe different colors lead to an individual Putter that is unique. The various color contrasts can about the individual‘s perception influence the putting results.
17_Farben_MB No color matching possible.


18_Herstellung_SWThe Swiss Winner Putter is produced in Switzerland with the most modern machines. The company is ISO9001 certified.
18_Herstellung_MBMost putters are made in the Far East under conditions are not comparable with our industry-standards.